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With solutions and expert services tailored to every customer’s unique requirement, CyberCrowd has the experience, best practices and proven methodologies to make your organisation more resilient // Information and Cyber Security Experts LEARN MORE
With certified specialists and expert services suited to all business needs, the Cybercrowd portfolio delivers a comprehensive range of options to meet your objectives for today, tomorrow and beyond // Assisting you with your Security Posture LEARN MORE
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Our highly qualified consultants are working alongside customers every day to deliver cyber resilience, ensuring these organisations benefit from modern, flexible services while maintaining efficiency and simplicity // Delivering the right Services LEARN MORE
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CyberCrowd service offerings aligned to customer requirements.

Assessment Services

We offer a full range of Pen Testing for your Infrastructure, Web App and Mobile Apps as well as Phishing, Social Engineering and PCI Scanning.

Strategy & Transformation

Going through a wider transformational process or have an acquisition on the horizon? Find out here how we can help you.


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Data Protection

We combine our Data Protection Consultancy with a clear and concise Data Protection Gap Analysis ensuring you achieve and maintain compliance.

Training & Culture

Embed Security by Design into your organisation, with bespoke or platform based cyber training and awareness.

Certification & Readiness

CyberCrowd offer a full range of certification readiness, including Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001, SOC 2 and DSP Toolkit.

Experts as a Service

Whether it's a DPO or a CISO, we've got you covered with a professional capable team available to you as a service.


Bespoke monitoring services for your businesses most valuable assets

Expertise you can trust

CyberCrowd offer a portfolio of specialist cybersecurity services tailored to every customer’s unique business needs and budget. We achieve this by taking the time to understand your business objectives including your challenges and goals, and integrating our team into your business so you know exactly who to turn to for help, and by recommending best-fit solutions.

We do this because we recognise that every company’s circumstances are different, and tapping into our extensive knowledge base gives you comprehensive insights into cyber threats. This empowers you to strengthen your organisation’s defences effectively.

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Reduce complexity, cost and risk with best-fit solutions recommended by CyberCrowd, driven by
your needs and objectives

World leaders in autonomous Cyber AI and intrusion detection and prevention software
MS Sentinel
Cloud based platform for Security Information and Event Management
Market leaders in threat intelligence, providing frontline cyber security defence
Intelligent security analytics to detect, investigate and respond to critical cybersecurity threats
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