Data Protection Bill – Statement of Intent

On the 7th of August the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) published their statement of intent for the Data Protection Bill. The ‘lines to take’ from the PR surrounding the announcement focused on the public having more control over their personal data, including the ‘right to be forgotten’. Also, a new right to require social media platforms to delete personal information on request.

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GDPR and the C Word

There’s a very good chance that the ‘C’ word is used regularly by organisations in conversations relating to the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. That’s not the C word that I have in mind however.

I’m interested in ‘Compliance’.

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Chris Gabriel Discusses GDPR with Technative

Our Group Chief Digital Officer, Chris Gabriel, spoke recently to Technative about the role of the IT channel in helping organisations to prepare for GDPR. Chris has blogged for us recently on the importance of privacy in the digital economy and believes that the IT channel can help organisations to prepare for GDPR despite it not being an an ‘IT problem’.

Organisations Must Match Personal Digital Experiences with Strong Personal Data Privacy

Like many today I am hooked and delighted with digital experiences. Like many today I am horrified and totally fed up with digital experiences.

I guess that is the world we live in.  Yes, we are in a digital age, but an embryonic one, and because of that the potential that digital offers brings out the best in people and businesses and alas the worst in them.  These best examples of digital really do delight.

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GDPR and why the ‘G’ is for Gorilla

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Anyone who has heard me talk about GDPR will know I don’t feel it’s particularly necessary to harp on about the coming apocalypse of financial super-sanctions. This is at least partly because we don’t know how severely the ICO will impose fines. Also, because too much FUD (‘fear, uncertainty and doubt’) is already being peddled around the potential fines by others. Typically you’ll find that I tend to focus on the operational (and technical) challenges that will come with the additional information governance obligations, enhanced data subject rights and the increased likelihood of civil actions by data subjects. Read more

GDPR – Common Misconceptions

Where do you get your GDPR information from? Legal advisers? Data protection practitioners? LinkedIn? Or maybe from vendor blogs trying to make out that they have the ‘silver bullet’? We hear a lot of misconceptions in our consultancy work, so I thought that I’d cover some of the common mistakes. Read more

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