GDPR – Common Misconceptions

Where do you get your GDPR information from? Legal advisers? Data protection practitioners? LinkedIn? Or maybe from vendor blogs trying to make out that they have the ‘silver bullet’? We hear a lot of misconceptions in our consultancy work, so I thought that I’d cover some of the common mistakes. Read more

Preparing for GDPR – 6 Steps to Culture Change

The scope of the GDPR is different for every organisation. As a provider of GDPR readiness services, we speak to companies within the same industry whose GDPR compliance roadmaps are completely different. Nonetheless, all organisations need to foster a privacy culture. How does an organisation achieve this? We’ve listed 6 best practices that should form part of your compliance preparations and which can help improve your privacy culture Read more

GDPR Basics – Does it apply to your organisation?

In case you are time poor, the answer is almost certainly yes.  This blog will deliberately not reference any of the 99 Articles or 173 Recitals that make up the GDPR. It will not mention case law or the guidance issued by the ICO and Article 29 Working Party. It doesn’t have to. Read more

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