Cyber Incident Exercising (CIE)

Test your incident response plan and be confident in your readiness

Participating in a table-top or live-play cyber incident exercise allows your organisation to assess the effectiveness of their cyber incident response plans and response proficiency in the face of a cyber-attack. By evaluating both in-house and outsourced incident response processes, these exercises help identify critical gaps and areas for improvement.

Running immersive, scenario-based cyber exercises in a safe environment is a high-impact, low-risk way of allowing your cyber incident response management team to practice things like teamwork, high pressure decision-making and communication strategies before they are needed in a real attack.

Prioritising Cyber Resilience: Rapid Response Strategies for Mitigating Security Threats

CyberCrowd is recognised as an Assured Service Provider on the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Cyber Incident Exercising (CIE) scheme. Our expertise enables us to deliver tailored and high-quality cyber incident exercises that meet the unique needs of each organisation.

Table-Top – discussion-based sessions where participants talk about their roles and responsibilities, activities, and key decision points for a pre-agreed scenario.

Live-Play – where participants carry out their roles and responsibilities in close to real time, in response to a controlled feed of information, representing a pre-agreed scenario. Live play exercises are best suited to mature organisations looking for in-depth validation of plans.

Organisations of all types are being targeted by cyber criminals who are relentless in their pursuit to develop new, creative ways to infiltrate corporate networks and IT environments. As trusted security advisors, our team of certified security experts and consultants have outstanding skills and experience of running cyber exercises with customers to test their incident response plans, reducing risk so they can maintain control over their business.

  • Tailored to your needs – exercises are based on your environment.
  • Accurate and effective – attack scenarios that accurately and effectively mimic the experience of a targeted attack, delivered in a safe environment, and has no negative impact for the business.
  • Real-world – test your team’s ability to respond to new information as it occurs and examine communication and coordination capabilities.

Organisations with tested incident response plans respond to cyber-attacks more efficiently, ensuring quicker recovery.

Enhances preparedness

Simulates real-world scenarios to prepare for cyber threats.

Tests response plans & identifies weaknesses

Validates effectiveness of incident response plans. Pinpoints areas needing improvement.

Improves coordination

Enhances communication and teamwork among response teams.

Builds resilience

Practices response strategies to withstand cyber threats.

Increases awareness

Demonstrates the potential impact of a targeted cybersecurity attack and educates employees on recognising and responding to cyber threats.

Meets compliance requirements
Satisfies regulatory obligations for cyber incident preparedness.

Incorporating cyber incident exercising into organisational practices is essential for staying ahead of evolving cyber threats and safeguarding critical assets. By proactively simulating real-world scenarios and testing incident response plans, organisations can identify vulnerabilities, improve coordination, and enhance their overall cyber resilience.

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