Darktrace is the world's first cyber security system designed to stop the 'unknown unknowns' - the never seen before threats. Using self-learning AI, Darktrace autonomously learns the normal patterns of life for organisations.

Detecting and investigating the smallest of behavioural anomalies, allowing for threats that have never been seen before to be blocked within seconds of detection.

Darktrace significantly reduces cyber risk for over 7,500 organisations globally.

Darktrace’s services complement our use of QRadar/QROC as well as MS Sentinel, allowing CyberCrowd to present a SOC that is invaluable to the customers.

Darktrace Solutions

The use of Darktrace enhances our SOC capabilities, utilising Darktrace’s software alongside our Managed SOC Service, allows us to give you the best possible view of your organisations environment and the threats you may encounter.

Both CyberCrowd’s SOC analysts and SIEM Engineers are fully trained under Darktrace’s services, this level of expertise not only provides the best value for money for our customers but also reassures you that we have a proven SOC using Darktrace’s services.

Comprehensive Protection Wherever You Need It



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