Microsoft Sentinel is a lightweight SIEM with low barrier to entry costing model, we recommend this for customers that are just starting out in the SIEM space with typically smaller environments to cover.

We’ve mastered the installation and configuration process – making it easy for our customers to quickly get up and running. We can provide bespoke reporting solutions for C-Level executives and security framework compliance reporting for security experts

Born in the cloud, we have a deep understanding of data science technologies and a pedigree in security frameworks, compliance, and auditing.

Sentinel allows for seamless integration between other Microsoft products to allow for companies going Microsoft first or sitting in Azure cloud to have a very short setup time for time to value from the SIEM.

We are an amalgamation of experienced Security Consultants, Network Engineers, and Data Scientists. Together we’ve mastered the Microsoft Sentinel platform, providing a perfect blend of security and data expertise.

Design & Installation
Design & Installation

We help you quickly design and
deploy your Azure Sentinel

Managed<br> Service

We can manage your SIEM
environment ensuring it is always
providing value.

CISO <br>Dashboard

Our tailored dashboards will give the right information to different stakeholders in your organisation.

Security & Compliance
Security & Compliance

Our certified consultants will help
you deploy your environment for
different compliance frameworks such as PCI or GDPR.

Configuration Review
Configuration Review

Our consultants can review your configuration to ensure you are always compliant and getting the alerts and notifications you need.

Automation<br> & ML
& ML

Our Data Scientists create
automation to look for breach
behaviour and automatically alert
and circumvent.

Each of our customers have different environments with varying levels of security devices that need monitoring. Once these devices are loaded onto the SIEM it’s our job to create, fine tune and customise a ruleset that is tailored specifically for your environment. Aiding our analysts when investigations into these alarms take place, less time is spent searching through unnecessary logs and we can be proactive in our approach to mitigate these alarms.


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