7 Benefits of Investing in Cyber Security Training

Good cyber security starts at home. That’s how the old expression goes, right?

For all of the high-tech anti-malware out there, there’s no mistaking the fact that 88% of UK data breaches are caused by human error.

Not hackers, computer viruses, or mysterious offshore criminals. Most breaches are caused by accidental mis-sends and link clicks that expose data or violate GDPR.

Therefore, training your employees on cyber vulnerabilities will give you the best return on investment of any cyber security defence mechanism.

Here are 7 other benefits of cyber security training for your staff:

1. Cyber skills will give your staff more confidence

Learning new skills gives most people a boost of confidence. If you invest in cyber security, those who aren’t computer savvy will build a better understanding of their computer and the networks they use. Your already tech-savvy staff will gain a deeper understanding of the web and cyber security defence mechanisms.

2. You’ll create a safer environment to collaborate within

Your IT team can’t spot every vulnerability alone. Auditing and protecting the operations of your organisation is a huge undertaking. By training everyone in your company on cyber security, people with different perspectives can feed into the security strategy to create a more cohesive and well-rounded security protocol.

3. You will identify and resolve vulnerabilities significantly faster

If your staff can separate their phish from their bugs, they’ll have a much easier time identifying and reporting active attacks.

Similar to our previous point and creating a 360 security strategy, the people on your shop floor will likely see the risks before anyone else. If you train everyone to spot inconsistencies, they can report them long before your weekly scan takes place.

4. Cross-company security training will make your IT team happy

IT teams are often an under-appreciated part of businesses despite there being a global skills shortage for digital skill sets such as programming and cloud intelligence. 

If your entire company is security savvy, you’ll attract IT engineers of a higher standard and more of them at that.

5. Security training will protect your bottom line

A cyber security breach can lead to a halt in productivity and output. Violations can also lead to hefty fines and being sued by other corporations or investigating bodies. 

If you invest upfront by training your staff in cyber security, you could be saving yourself from a hefty bill down the line.

6. Cyber security fluency will reassure your partners

Partners are increasingly auditing who they work with. This new level of suspicion is warranted as if one member of the ecosystem is at risk; everyone becomes vulnerable. Training your staff and gaining Cyber Security Essentials will give partners the confidence to work with you.

7. Cyber security fluency will reassure your customers

A growing population of customers are interested in how you store their data and what data you hold. If your representatives can easily talk security, customers will also trust you across other services.

What cyber security training should I give my team?

There are multiple ways to educate your team on cyber security, which means there are options for organisations on any budget.

Free cyber security training for your team

The UK government has an entire page dedicated to free and accessible training resources such as this 30-minute course from the National Council for Cyber Security or Exercise in a Box for more advanced training and risk analysis.

Organisations like Google occasionally launch free tools to help individuals learn about cyber security in a gamified environment. Try sending this Phishing Quiz to a few colleagues and comparing your results to kick start a conversation about security awareness. 

Leading cyber security training options tailored to your industry

When you’re ready to train an entire department or your full company, it’s best to look for training tailored to your industry and technology stack.

Our Cyber Secure at Work and Home is an excellent course for hybrid organisations. We’ll review your unique way of hybrid working and create resources targeted at the specific vulnerabilities your staff may come across.

We also have a training option designed to teach your staff about the risks specific to your industry. Whether you handle money, assets, or services, the threats you face will vary widely. We’ll also include guidance on legislation such as ISO 27001, GDPR, and PCI so everyone in your company can support your journey towards certification.

Are you interested in cyber security training? Contact us on our website or email us at, and we’ll advise on what activity is best for your organisation and budget.