Managed Security

A SOC For Christmas – Security Operations Center – What Do You Need to Know?

At some point in our lives we have all received socks for Christmas, but this year we are not talking about a festive pair designed to keep your feet warm. We are talking about a 24/7×365 Managed SOC, and much like a puppy, they are not just for Christmas. 

In 2021 there have been an estimated 623.3 million ransomware attacks globally, over the festive period we see a 30% increase in the global number of attacks. This is primarily down to the opportunistic nature of attackers, typically organisations do not operate at full capacity over the festive period, therefore the opportunity to attack and do so undetected is much higher.

What is A Managed SOC?

A Managed SOC is a Security Operations Centre, responsible for protecting organisations against cyber threats. SOC analyst will monitor an organisations network, devices, applications, and data around the clock for known and evolving vulnerabilities, threats, and risks. These incidents are logged and investigated accordingly providing the opportunity to proactively detect, respond and remediate. 

A SOC is built through both people and technology. The SOC analysts carry out the people aspects and the technology comes from a SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) tool. 

The SIEM tool monitors your businesses ingestion and sits within the network, this Is key when it comes to the alerting of incidents as well as ensuring that a proactive approach to risk is being carried out. The SIEM is designed to understand what ‘normal’ looks like for each individual organisation therefore flagging up incidents that do not fit into this category. 

Cyber security is scattered with acronyms which can often make it confusing, leading to uncertainty around the best way to mitigate and remediate risk. However, it does not have to be and often isn’t as confusing as it sounds. 

Improving your organisations cyber security should be viewed as a journey and often takes time, introducing a SOC to your organisation is not going to remediate your cyber security issues, it should be a value add for your organisation once prior steps have been completed, including polices and processes being introduced and implemented. 

What are the benefits of 24/7×365 Monitoring? 

24×7 monitoring gives you peace of mind that when you or your IT team are not watching your networks, someone is. 

Out of hours cover 

Our 24/7 monitoring means that there is someone always watching your network, if you have an in-house team that takes care of your network security, what happens when they close their laptop for the day and head home? 

Centralised Visibility 

With the transformation of at home working and bring your own device policies, having visibility over devices and the corporate network have naturally become more complicated, A Managed SOC provides you with visibility over your organisation, therefore helping make this significantly less complicated. 

Reduced Cyber Security Costs 

Cyber security comes at a price like most things, with multiple platforms and licenses being required, employing an outsourced Managed SOC reduces internal costs.

Additionally the cost of investment and potential ROI can be weighed up by what would happen if you did nothing. The average cost of ransomware is not just measured in monetary value, but also the cost of downtime and system recovery, often a cost that can be avoided. 

On Call Expertise

It is common in the cyber security space to feel overwhelmed or confused, what are your next steps if you see an incident or at what point do you escalate? Having a Managed SOC in place allows you access to industry experts who are on call to respond and remediate. As part of our SOC as a service offering you are not only granted access to our team of experienced analysts, but you have access to the whole team. 

If you would like to read more about how a Managed SOC works and the benefits it could bring to your organisation please, click here.

A Managed SOC does not answer all of your prayers, it allows for early detection of threats and alerts an analyst to action.

Incident Response Service

Having a 24x7x365 Managed SOC allows you to detect threats in real time, but what next? Every organisation should have an incident response plan in place, however following an incident it is natural to panic. That is where our specialists come in. With years oof experience handling exactly that their speciality is remaining calm and handling the problem Infront of them. 

We always argue that is important to stay ahead of issues, prevention is better than cure is our modus operandi. If you feel your incident response plan requires some more fine tuning or if you would like to put it to the test, we can help. 

Acceleration Programme 

Already have a SIEM Tool in place? Aren’t getting full utilisation? CyberCrowd offer a Microsoft Sentinel Acceleration Programme, that coaches you to achieve greater utilisation of your SIEM and ensure maximum efficiency. 

By carrying out this programme we have noticed that several customers are ingesting everything into the environment causing alert fatigue or alternatively they system Is not being monitored so although the incidents are being logged no security is being provided as these are not followed up.

Why CyberCrowd?

At CyberCrowd we are dedicated to giving you a bespoke monitoring service, working with you to ensure that your most valuable assets have the coverage they need, as well as standing guard at your boundary. 

We offer our knowledge on industry–specific threats to help define what key indicators of compromise may look like in your network, as well as keeping up to date with trending attack campaigns and the signatures they use. 

If you would like to learn more about how we could help take your organisation on a security transformation or if you would like to hear more about our SOC offering, please contact us