CyberCrowd announce new strategic partnership with CSIS

LONDON, ENGLAND – CSIS Security Group A/S (“CSIS”) and CyberCrowd Limited (“CyberCrowd”) have signed a Strategic Partnership, enabling the two companies to join forces and accelerate the execution of their respective strategies in the UK, which have a common goal of enabling a safe digital world by combating cybercrime.

Founded in 2003, CSIS has built a solid reputation for innovation, deep technical capabilities, and an ability to address the most complex cyber challenges. The company supports some of the most recognized brands in multiple industries throughout the Nordics, the UK, and the US. Central to the company’s unique positioning are its proprietary technology, scalable services, actionable threat intelligence and world-class team of security professionals.

Founded in 2016, CyberCrowd specialises in providing expert cyber security services to clients across all sectors in the UK and beyond.CyberCrowd brings a wealth of industry-leading expertise that enables customers to assess their current security posture, reduce risk and protect their business assets. The company’s team of certified security experts and consultants offer a breadth of capabilities that includes a 24×7 MDR service, Pentesting and GRC Consulting. 

The UK continues to face ever-increasing levels of cybercrime, including highly sophisticated ransomware and Business Email Compromise attacks perpetrated by advanced threat actors, affecting companies of all sizes and across all sectors. According to a study conducted by Surfshark, the UK is the country with the highest density (40%) of cybercrime, ahead of the US, when measured against number of victims per one million users. 

Furthermore, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) statistics suggest that 31% of UK businesses are attacked at least once a week. While 82% of Boards or Senior Management of UK businesses see cybersecurity as a priority, the sobering reality is that only 23% have a formal cybersecurity strategy in place, with less than 20% have a formal incident response plan, and only 6% having been Cyber Essentials certified.

Against this backdrop, the partnership between CSIS and CyberCrowd will harness the combined capability of two world-class teams, with a specific point of differentiation and value-add being how CyberCrowd’s consulting and managed services offerings will leverage CSIS technologies, tools and platforms for everything from prevention and detection, through to response, to achieve high-levels of scalability without compromising on an absolute quality and impact focus.

Daniel Shepherd, CEO of CSIS: “When we first met CyberCrowd, it was immediately apparent that we share a common vision, strategy and passion. Our partnership will deliver a step-change in value to customers in the UK as we contribute our talent, technology platforms and automation, threat intelligence and 20+ years of experience, combined with Cybercrowd’s impressive local market presence”. 

Mike Robinson, CEO of CyberCrowd, stated, “We are thrilled to announce our strategic collaboration with CSIS. Our unwavering commitment has always been to safeguard our clients from the ever-growing cybercrime menace. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey as it empowers us to expand and strengthen our service offerings, with an enterprise-ready proposition. With both companies boasting certified security experts and sharing strong cultural alignment, the synergy is undeniable. Together, CyberCrowd and CSIS are set to redefine the landscape of cybersecurity.”

About CSIS Security Group

Founded in 2003, CSIS is a leading provider of advanced cybersecurity capabilities, focused on actionable and intelligence-driven detection and response services. CSIS is the preferred cybersecurity partner to notable organizations across various sectors, including Banking & Financial Services, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, as well as Government & Public Sector. CSIS is a trusted adviser to law enforcement agencies (including the FBI, NCA, Europol) and is also a sought-after expert contributor to public and closed-community conferences around the world.

About CyberCrowd

Established in 2016, CyberCrowd provides Cyber Security Services. Our mission is to provide highly secure and intelligent managed security services and solutions, all meticulously customised to meet the distinct business requirements and risk profiles of our clients. CyberCrowd provides services across a broad spectrum of industries, including Information Technology, Financial Services, Housing Associations, Education & Research, Private Equity, and the Public Sector, encompassing entities such as the NHS and local councils.