CyberCrowd Announce They Have Achieved NCSC Cyber Advisor Status

CyberCrowd are delighted to share that they have achieved NCSC Cyber Advisor status. 

The scheme is designed to provide small and medium sized organisations with the reliable cyber security advice and practical support. 

CyberCrowd is uniquely positioned to provide tailor-made cyber security solutions and advisory services that cater to the specific needs and challenges faced by SMBs. With a commitment to helping bolster cyber defences for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and fortifying their digital assets against evolving cyber threats, achieving the Cyber Advisor status helps CyberCrowd to demonstrate that commitment. 

Mike Robinson, Managing Director said “This recognition validates our relentless efforts to create a safer digital environment for small and medium-sized businesses. Cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it is crucial for SMBs to have robust defences. With our esteemed status as Cyber Advisor, we are well-equipped to guide and support SMBs in safeguarding their valuable assets from potential cyber-attacks”

You can read more about the Cyber Advisor Scheme on the IASME website or be clicking here.