CyberCrowd named as an Assured Service Provider on the NCSC Cyber Incident Exercising Scheme

CyberCrowd, an independent cyber security information and services provider, has been listed as one of the first Assured Service Providers on the exciting new National Cyber Security (NCSC) Cyber Incident Exercising (CIE) scheme.

Evaluated and onboarded by the NCSC’s delivery partner, IASME, CyberCrowd has met the NCSC’s rigorous standards for high quality cyber incident exercising, with outstanding skills and experience of running cyber exercises such as tabletop and simulated exercises. As an Assured Service Provider, CyberCrowd can help test an organisations incident response plan and determine whether an in-house or outsourced incident response process is effective and identifies critical gaps.

The new CIE scheme helps organisations find NCSC assured CIE service providers able to create bespoke, structured table-top or live-play cyber incident exercises.  Organisations that have good incident response plans are best placed to respond to cyber attacks and can get back up and running again quicker than those without. The Cyber Incident Exercising (CIE) scheme allows an organisation to test its cyber incident response plans in a safe environment and make improvements before a cyber-attack occurs.

“We are delighted to have been listed on the new NCSC Cyber Incident Exercising scheme” said CyberCrowd Managing Director, Mike Robinson. “As an established supplier of cyber security information and services to clients across the UK, the NCSC scheme provides a significant platform to support customers with assured cyber incident response offerings.”

The scheme assures companies to deliver two types of cyber exercises:

Table-Top – discussion-based sessions where participants talk about their roles and responsibilities, activities, and key decision points for a pre-agreed scenario.

Live-Play – where participants carry out their roles and responsibilities in close to real time, in response to a controlled feed of information, representing a pre-agreed scenario. Live play exercises are best suited to mature organisations looking for in-depth validation of plans.

The exercises are designed to simulate incidents which have a significant impact on a single client organisation. The scheme does not cover category 1 and category 2 incidents, it is aimed at incidents that fall into category 3, 4, and 5 as defined by the UK’s Cyber Attack categorisation system.

As one of the Delivery Partners for the scheme, IASME will be working alongside CREST to manage the assessment on behalf of the NCSC, and to onboard the Assured Service Providers for the scheme.

“IASME are really proud to be one of the NCSC Delivery Partners for the Cyber Incident Exercising scheme. It is with pleasure that we can now share with the public the first Assured Service Provider companies that are able to offer tabletop and live play cyber exercises in accordance with the NCSC CIE standard. – Jonathan Ellwood, Head of Cyber Incident Exercising and Assure Schemes at IASME.

CyberCrowd is a highly accredited cyber services provider. Via our 24/7/365 UK-based Security Operations Centre, we provide threat intelligence, logging and monitoring, and incident response services. In addition, our team of certified penetration testers and security consultants offer a breadth of capabilities and industry-leading expertise that enables customers to assess their current security posture, reduce risk and protect their business assets against cybercrime.

If you are interested in using Cyber Incident Exercising services and would like further information or to explore the full range of CyberCrowd’s services, please email

A list of Assured Service Providers, including CyberCrowd, can be found on the Cyber Incident Exercising scheme page Find an assured Cyber Incident Exercising provider – NCSC.GOV.UK