Housing Association Round Table Event: Training & Awareness – Empower Your Team to Combat Cyber Threats

Join CyberCrowd for an exclusive Cybersecurity Round Table event live online on Friday, 28th June, from 2pm to 4pm. Our guest speaker will be Daniel Garnham, President of the Security Industry Federation and Director of Cyber Training at Gentium UK Cyber.

The Event: Equip Your Team with Essential Skills and Knowledge to Combat Cyber Threats
The dynamic cyber threat landscape poses risks to the housing sector, especially Housing Associations handling sensitive resident data and critical infrastructure. CyberCrowd is hosting round table events to encourage a collaborative, sector-wide response to cybersecurity challenges.

This event, specifically for Housing Associations, will highlight the importance of cybersecurity training and awareness, featuring a keynote by our guest speaker, Daniel Garnham, Director of Cyber Training at Gentium UK Cyber. With 20 years of experience in law enforcement, Daniel specialises in cyber training and now delivers cyber awareness and investigation training both domestically and internationally. As a former cyber protect officer, he has worked on international criminal investigations and has shared his expertise by training officers across the country.

Join our confidential forum to learn how to strengthen your organisation’s cybersecurity posture through effective training and awareness.

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The Objectives

  • To foster a community of practice among security professionals within Housing Associations.
  • To share and discuss current cybersecurity threats, trends, and strategies relevant to the housing sector.
  • To encourage collaborative problem-solving and knowledge sharing on security challenges and innovations.

Who Should Attend?
The round table targets security experts in the housing sector, including Security Managers, IT Managers, Security Engineers, and other Housing Association professionals responsible for cybersecurity planning and interested in security matters.

The Venue
This round table will be conducted LIVE online. The link will be provided to all registered delegates.

This live online event will run from 2pm to 4pm, on Friday 28th June and will include an opportunity to share experiences with your peers and ask questions:

2:00pm – Welcome and opening remarks. Mike Robinson, Managing Director and Head of Security, CyberCrowd.
2:10pm – The Importance of Cyber Training and Awareness. Daniel Garnham, Director of Cyber Training at Gentium UK.
2:45pm – Interactive round table session (Chatham House rules)
3:45pm – Summary and selection of future discussion topics
4:00pm – Conclusion

*Please note: the round table will be held under the Chatham House Rule

Guest Speaker: Daniel Garnham
President of the Security Industry Federation | Director at Gentium UK Cyber | University SME in Cybercrime | Author | OSPA finalist | ex Police Officer.

Daniel has 20 years’ experience in law enforcement specialising in Cyber training and is now the Director of Gentium UK Cyber training delivering cyber awareness and investigation training domestically and internationally. His wealth of experience as a cyber protect officer has seen him working on international criminal investigations, later sharing this knowledge by becoming a cyber trainer for officers across the country.

Daniel lectures in Criminology and Cybercrime at the London University where he is the resident Cybercrime expert. His passion is cyber awareness and the concept of gamified learning to make complex training fun and memorable.

This round table is free of charge and all participants will get a summary report of the discussions and main takeaways.

The online event link will be shared with all registered delegates a week before the roundtable.


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