Bringing together legislation and good practice, creating a national baseline for digital health technologies entering and being used in the NHS and social care. Designed for healthcare organisations to assess suppliers at the point of procurement or as part of a due diligence process.

Giving staff, patients, and citizens confidence that digital health tools meet clinical safety, data protection, technical security, interoperability, usability, and accessibility standards.

The DTAC is available for download here.

History of The DTAC

The DTAC was officially introduced in February 2021 in response to developers and those making buying and commissioning decisions looking for clear direction on how to build and buy good digital health technologies.

The intention of setting a national baseline was to smooth the path between development and procurement so that the NHS and social care may realise the benefits that digital technologies can bring.

The Assessment Criteria is focused on 5 core areas:

Sections 1 to 4 form the assessed criteria, with a separate conformity rating provided around usability and accessibility:


Clinical Safety

Products are assessed to ensure that clinical safety measures are in place and that organisations undertake clinical risk management activities to manage this risk.

Data Protection

Products are assessed to ensure that data protection and privacy is ‘by design’ and the rights of individuals are protected.

Technical Assurance

Products are assessed to ensure that products are secure and stable.


Products are assessed to ensure that data is communicated accurately and quickly whilst staying safe and secure.

Usability and Accessibility

Products are allocated a conformity rating having been benchmarked against good practice and the NHS service standard.
The DTAC includes company information and value proposition sections for context. Each of the scored and assessed sections contain:
  • A reference code for each question
  • The question for the developer to respond to
  • Whether evidence is required and is so the evidence
  • Response options or free text
  • Supporting information and guidance
  • Scoring criteria

Consultancy and Readiness, preparing and assessing organisations against the DTAC framework, helping to highlight areas of downfalls, improvement opportunities and highlight what good looks like.

Working with our customers to create a solution that is right for them. Whether you are looking to develop digital health technologies and want to ensure you have the right measures in place or are looking to purchase and commission digital health technologies, CyberCrowd’s experienced team of consultants can help to ensure that the criteria of the DTAC are met.