Our Client

Our client, who is a registered social landlord, manages 1000’s of homes all around the country. The organisation provides affordable housing as well as related care and support services to the people who live in them.

The Challenge

Our client faced multiple challenges as would be expected working in such an industry:

  • Ensuring the availability and accessibility of services
  • Meeting appropriate technical and organisational measures to help protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data requirements
  • Protecting buyer and tenant personal and sensitive data
  • Supporting ongoing business transformation
  • Complying with PCI and GDPR requirements and other regulations
  • Mitigating supply chain security risks
  • Understanding risks and vulnerabilities of systems
  • Detecting, remediating and responding to breaches

Our Solution

CyberCrowd provided our client with an ongoing service combining expertise from both a Chief Information Security Officer and a Data Protection Officer, scaled completely to their specific risks, requirements and budget.

We initially carried out an in-depth Security Posture Review to gain an understanding of our clients security position and what risks needed to be mitigated. Developing visibility of potential vulnerabilities enabled us to collectively make informed security decisions and build a security improvement plan.