Case Study: Housing Associations

Housing Associations:
Tailored solutions for
a unique environment

We understand the unique requirements in a high-risk environment such as a housing association, it is with this understanding we can build our expert services into a specific, and tailored capability that suits your needs directly.

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The data that you hold along with the role that you play creates a high-risk environment with different level of requirements, working with CyberCrowd means having the ability to scale our services to meet your specific risks, requirements, and budget.


Common challenges we have found working with clients in this space are:

“With our experience we have been able to paint a picture of the requirements and risks within this space, allowing us to truly tailor our skills and ensure that the service we provide adds value to you.”

Mike Robinson

Managing Director, CyberCrowd


Our Solutions that work well in this space are:
These are just a few services that we have seen to have great results for organisations in this space.

We understand your pain points

Understanding your pain points, along with our experience in this industry puts us in the best position to help remediate the challenges you face whilst also providing you with a unique and tailored service seeking to achieve the best results.

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