Our Client

Our client provides an outsourced IT solution to 100’s of their clients ranging from local businesses to larger organisations. Offering a 24/7 IT support service for both physical and cloud-based systems, our client is the first point of call for a wide range of IT queries.

The Challenge

With an expansive landscape of customers comes a broad selection of cyber security and data protection issues. Some of the challenges faced include:

  • Ensuring standard builds are optimised for security as well as performance
  • Independent audit of patch management
  • Updating on new vulnerabilities
  • Cyber and technical skills often outweighing data protection skills
  • Requirement to achieve security accreditation for their clients

Our Solution

CyberCrowd were able to provide a flexible and comprehensive service by providing a seamless offering over our clients. Whether it was responding to a data breach or taking a customer through the ISO27001 process, we have worked side by side with our client across multiple end users.