Traditional security models and network boundaries are challenged to evolve in the face of demanding markets and evolving business needs. The difficulty of managing and operating this expanding environment emphasises the need to constantly protect the expanding attack surface.

Chief Information Security Officers (CISO’s) assess, monitor, and advise on how to reduce the risk of security threats to the organisation. Organizations that use CISO as a service profit from providing on-demand access to cybersecurity experts and executives, as well as the ability to assign work to security specialists so they can concentrate on their core business objectives.

By making cybersecurity business-relevant to C level management, our CISOs play a critical role in ensuring top-level commitment to cyber security. This in turn ensures ultimately the organisation will be able to effectively manage the regulatory requirements and achieve a consistently strong security posture.

Our CISO as a Service solution helps to lead strategic conversations, shape your organisations cybersecurity programmes and roadmap relevant protections in support of the organisation’s overall objectives. By working with the key stakeholders within an organisation, we can ensure the cybersecurity policy and approach are documented, reported and enhanced throughout the lifetime of the service.

All of our CISO as a Service engagements are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our CISO services are able to advice on going subject including:

Situation analysis​
Monitoring & reporting​
Strategy definition​
Board level meetings​
Planning & roadmap​
Proactive & reactive support depending on needs​

Our security consultants operate with both Security Clearance (SC) and Non-Police Personnel Vetting (NPPV) Level 2. The combination of both of these certifications provides organisations with the confidence and assurance that they have highly skilled professionals at their disposal to help maintain a robust security posture and protect against evolving cyber threats.