Our Data Protection Gap Analysis aims to clearly define how your organisation is compliant to your relevant data protection standards.

Whether you are looking at finding your shortfalls with GDPR, or wanting to further your compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018, CyberCrowd’s methodology will clearly demonstrate any gaps and help you address these with our recommendations.

Our approach includes direct communication with key stakeholders and by using questionnaires and interviews our experienced consultants are able to build a thorough view of an organisation’s approach to data protection.

We will review your data protection policy and privacy notice(s) which then helps us to fully assess your Data Protection posture using the information gathered.

Prior to the final report being submitted a peer reviewed draft report will be provided for any additional comments. This is an opportunity for us to answer any questions and make amendments to the report before issuing the final version.

All of our reports will contain as standard:

Executive summary of our findings
Priority and risk levels for each area of review
Commentary & recommendations for each area of review