Email Phishing is a type of scam where hackers pretend to be organisations or people via email in order to steal sensitive information from your employees.

Even the most sophisticated email gateways and protection software are unable to detect all phishing emails sent to employees and organisations. As a consequence, it’s important to teach your staff how they can help stop phishing attacks.

Our email phishing simulations are more than just your normal phishing awareness training. A simulated phishing campaign tailored to your company allows you to not only test workers in the same setting as actual phishing emails, but it also allows you to provide training at the very moment an employee clicks a suspicious connection, teaching them, there and then.

Different types of phishing emails affect organisations differently. This necessitates running phishing simulations with a wide range of phishing attack styles. With our library of 300+ templates, you can prepare your staff and discover your vulnerabilities.

Our template categories are always growing to reflect current threats and include:
Social Networking
File sharing
Shipment notification
Corporate communication
Government notification
And many more

CyberCrowd continue to help our customers meet their compliance standards or security goals within a desired timeline by scheduling training courses for an entire workforce. We are able to build micro-campaigns that run for a single month to establish baseline or track training effectiveness. Alternatively we can schedule organisation-wide training that spans the entire year.

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