The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO 27001) specifies the standards for information security management systems. The standard includes a robust range of controls built on industry best practises ensuring information security.

The main aim of ISO27001 is to provide an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that ensures a structured risk-based approach to managing threats to an organisation’s information assets’ confidentiality, credibility, and availability. Our experts will assist you in preparing for ISO 27001 certification and putting the Information Security Management System into place. We can help you write policies and protocols that support your ISMS, and we will also educate you on how to put security measures in place to reduce your risks to an appropriate level.

Our unique approach ensures that our consultants work with your teams and management to retain, refine and create materials to ensure full compliance with ISO 27001 requirements.

Our structured approach consists of
Comprehensive Gap Analysis Report
Internal Audit and Certification Preparation
Action/Activity Plan
Implementation Guidance

ISO 27001 will help prove to your customers and suppliers that you have the skills, processes and controls required to maintain a world class level of information security, helping to maintain reputation, compliance and strategic relationships. By becoming ISO 27001 compliant an organisation transitions into a state of continuous improvement and audit ensuring constant enhancement of information security controls, whilst also evidencing these with regular internal audits.

The ISO 27001 certification lasts three years with certified businesses expected to perform regular surveillance audits in order to keep their certification status.