With all areas of a business undergoing their own form of due diligence during corporate transactions, why would you exclude Security from this process?

Whether it is an outstanding liability from a data breach or an outdated high-risk infrastructure in need of modernising, our consultants are able to undertake the necessary due diligence to give you piece of mind.

Due diligence focussed on cyber security is particularly relevant in mergers and acquisitions since it enables acquirers to make more educated judgments about their cybersecurity obligations. As with all other forms of due diligence the core aim is to provide the acquirer with the necessary knowledge to help quantify the risks and liabilities present within a transaction.

Although consisting of a Security Posture Review at its core, our due diligence is then expanded as required to suit the process of the acquirer. This could include benchmarking against other companies within their portfolio or formulating in financial terms the potential impacts and/or costs of the required remediations.

Frequently, when such an activity is undertaken, any potential findings are unknown to both sides of the transaction. Our reports and findings are therefore tailored to be distributed to all parties involved to help identify, communicate and resolve any potential issues.