With an ever increasing dependency on mobile devices and apps, our mobile security testing strives to protect your devices and apps against cyber threats.

Smart devices and their applications have become essential tools in our every day lives. However, because of the volume of data they now handle, cybercriminals often see them as a prime target. When this is combined with the fact that the platforms they work on are complex and rapidly evolving, this only adds to the potential for serious security issues.

The majority of our mobile testing is focussed on assessing the security of iOS and Android applications. It is important for both the application owners and consumers of mobile applications, that appropriate levels of control and security are in place.

All of our web application penetration tests are undertaken by a team of qualified and certified professionals that are well-versed in the most recent methodology and techniques used by hackers to exploit vulnerabilities within mobile applications.

Our experienced testers are able to work across a variety of platforms including:

Our aim for the Mobile App pen test is to analyse your mobile app and clearly identify security weaknesses. Whether these issues are seen on front-end user interfaces or exploited through back-end web services, our testing is always aimed at identifying a wide range of potential vulnerabilities.