Penetration Testing

Secure Your Organisation with Expert Penetration Testing

Effective cybersecurity requires proactive measures to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure. Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, is a critical method for assessing these vulnerabilities across your organisation. By simulating real-world threats, our certified Pen Testers evaluate your systems’ resilience and provide actionable insights to bolster your defences against cyber threats.

With CyberCrowd's assessment services, organisations bolster their defences against evolving cyber threats.

Our certified Pen Testers, equipped with Security Clearance (SC) and Non-Police Personnel Vetting (NPPV) level 2 certifications, specialise in testing organisations of all sizes, including critical national infrastructure, defence, government, and NHS sectors. Their expertise ensures thorough testing to uphold strong security measures and safeguard against evolving cyber threats.

Penetration Testing for AI and Large Language Models (LLMs)

With the rapid rise of AI utilisation, new cybersecurity risks have emerged. Generative AI, such as ChatGPT and Large Language Models (LLMs), offers exceptional benefits in scalability, efficiency, and speed but also presents significant cybersecurity challenges. Ensuring the security of your AI applications, including chatbots, is crucial to protect against vulnerabilities like insecure code, data exposure, and expanded attack surfaces. Conducting penetration testing on AI and LLMs is vital for identifying and mitigating these risks, preventing potential exploitation. Discover how CyberCrowd can fortify your AI applications and safeguard your organisation from emerging threats.

The CyberCrowd Penetration Testing Client Portal

Our state-of-the-art client portal offers a secure and efficient interface for customers to access and manage their cybersecurity assessments. Gain real-time visibility into testing results, risk scores, and tailored remediation recommendations. This enables swift and effective corrective actions, enhancing your security posture promptly.

CyberCrowd offer two types of assessments:

Vulnerability Assessment: Automated scans using diverse tools to identify system vulnerabilities. These scans are conducted frequently to catch potential weaknesses early.

Penetration Test: Builds on vulnerability scans by leveraging expert skills to uncover deeper vulnerabilities not detected by automated tools. Our testers simulate real attacks to exploit weaknesses, providing comprehensive insights and actionable recommendations.


Vulnerability Assessment: An automated procedure using a range of scanners and tools to identify vulnerabilities across a system. Such a scan aims to identify as many different vulnerabilities as possible and is often run more frequently than a full Penetration Test.


What is a vulnerability assessment?

What is a vulnerability assessment?

Penetration Testing: Where a Vulnerability Scan aims to find easily identifiable vulnerabilities, a full Penetration Test builds upon such tools and uses the Penetration Tests skills and experience to identify weaknesses not found by scanners and/or use these skills to exploit such vulnerabilities..


What is a penetration test?

What is a penetration test?
Identify Risk and Vulnerabilities

Often weaknesses are hidden within the complexities of a systems design. By identifying them any issues in the system's deployment will be brought to your attention.

Build strong defences

By reviewing current weaknesses within your system you will not only be able to rectify such vulnerabilities but also use this knowledge to prevent further exploitation.


For both yourself and your customers.


Various accreditations from ISO27001 to Cyber Essentials require organisations to take a proactive stance to identify the potential threats within their IT system.

CyberCrowd is a CREST-certified provider of penetration testing services, ensuring that our approach and methodology meet the highest standards of approval.
Intelligence gathering

This phase of the engagement involves using a range of tools and techniques such as active scanning, open-source intelligence (OSINT.) This involves; search closed sources, search open websites and domains, foot printing and identifying protection methods.

Vulnerability Analysis

The vulnerability analysis aims to discover flaws within a system and an application that could be exploited by an attacker. The flaws can be misconfigurations or insecure platforms. Techniques used vary from automated vulnerability scanners, metadata analysis, traffic monitoring, public research, common/default password databases.

Post exploitation

This phase of the engagement is to determine how crucial the machine is in the network, as well as maintain access to the machine if the test is scheduled to last a few days. Determining how critical the machine is will be identified by the sensitivity of the data stored on the machine and its usefulness to further exploits into the network. Post exploitation methods include infrastructure analysis, pillaging, data exfiltration, persistence, and further penetration into the infrastructure. CyberCrowd testers will clean up the system removing any evidence of their presence.


The exploitation phase of a penetration test focuses on gaining access to the system or resource by different methods depending on the intelligence gathered in previous steps. This phase should be a well-planned and specific attack. Methods vary from, but are not limited to, initial access, execution, persistence, privilege escalation, lateral movement, and credential access.


The final phase of the engagement is to produce a document that outlines any misconfigurations and exploits found with the supporting evidence cleanly and understandably. The report is broken into two distinct sections. The first of which is the executive summary which is aimed at those that oversee the security of the company and it will explain the goals of the engagement and any high-level findings. Then there is the technical report that is aimed towards the remediators of any issues found and will have more depth to the vulnerabilities found. For example, information, the attack path impact, and remediation suggestions.

Completed tests

We have delivered over 1000 penetration tests and vulnerabilities to customers and partners.

Vulnerabilities identified

Each vulnerability identified is another weakness fixed for our customers and a potential cyber threat averted.


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