We provide a comprehensive range of services from installation to full management of your Azure Sentinel SIEM environment. 

This offers you best practice security and data analytics to monitor your enterprise both on premises, on cloud and even bespoke application platforms.
We help you quickly design and deploy your Azure Sentinel environment.
We can manage your SIEM environment ensuring it is always 11 replica rolex datejust mens rolex calibre 2836 2813 m126334 0011 providing value.
Our tailored dashboards will give the right information to different stakeholders in your organisation.
Our certified consultants will help you deploy your environment for different compliance frameworks such as PCI or GDPR.
Our consultants can review your configuration to ensure you are always compliant and getting the alerts and notifications you need.
Our Data Scientists create automation to look for breach behaviour and automatically alert and circumvent.

We are an amalgamation of experienced Security Consultants, Network Engineers and Data Scientists. Together we’ve mastered the Microsoft Sentinel platform, providing a perfect blend of security and data expertise.

Born in the cloud, we have a deep understanding of data science technologies and a pedigree in security frameworks, compliance and auditing.

Sentinel is an extensive and ever-growing platform. We’ve mastered the installation and configuration process – making it easy for our customers to quickly get up and running. We can provide bespoke reporting solutions for C-Level executives and security framework compliance reporting for security experts.