As networks, users, devices, and applications constantly change and expose vulnerabilities as a result, it is critical to pen-test frequently. Pcysys have partnered with CyberCrowd to ensure you can validate your cybersecurity replica rolex posture daily to keep your guard up at all times.

Pcysys’ automated pen-testing platform continuously conducts ethical exploits based on infrastructure vulnerabilities, to deliver prioritized threat-based weaknesses based on real pen-testing achievements.

  • Agentless – Zero installations or network configurations
  • Automatic – Press ‘Play’ and get busy doing other things while the pen-test progresses
  • Harmless Exploits – Like a hacker we perform real exploits without disruption of service
  • Consistent Execution – Re-test and validate your corrective actions consistently across your organization
  • Attack Vector Visibility – See every step in the attack vector to understand the hacker’s view
  • Prioritized Remediation – Get a clear packaged summary of the critical remediation steps to perform
  • Latest Hacking Techniques – Rest assure that your pen-testing techniques are the most current
  • 24/7 – Run penetration tests every day, week or whenever something changes