CyberCrowd’s Managed Security Operation Centre (SOC) support businesses of all sizes and help to enhance their ability to identify and respond to cyberattacks. Taking SOC as a service approach is far more cost efficient then developing such a team internally.

Our SOC solution helps to increase awareness of an organisations security environment and helps to ensure a stronger security posture.

Our qualified professional team includes

SOC Managers
• Security Engineers
• Security Analysts

SOC Managers
Security Engineers
Security Analysts

With many organisations now transitioning to a managed SOC to fulfil their security needs, they are able to ensure compliance and reduce the pressure on increasingly overburdened IT teams.

Our SOC solution is able to ensure:
  • Deployment of a complete solution
  • Proactive management of systems
  • Constant up to date threat analysis
  • Comprehensive reporting to all levels of an organisation
  • Reactionary and forensic cyber services

We ensure that our cost effective solution is always specifically tailored to our client’s needs, which enable us to work alongside our customers’ current technical teams and deliver an effective service.