Managed SOC Services.

CyberCrowd’s 24 x 7 x 365 Managed SOC service utilise best in class people, process and technology.


CyberCrowd’s Managed Security Operation Centre (SOC) services support businesses of all sizes and help to enhance their ability to identify and respond to cyberattacks.

Taking SOC as a service approach is far more cost efficient than developing such a team internally

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What is a SOC?

CyberCrowd provides support in designing and delivering a complete managed security centre through the use of our in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Through a SIEM agnostic approach, in both cloud and on-prem infrastructure, we focus on ensuring our customers have an efficient MTTD (Mean Time To Detection) on all potential threats in their environment and work on stopping threat actors as early in the attack framework as possible.

More and more regulatory bodies are starting to have a focus on making sure that you are baselining and knowing “what normal looks like”. The SOC will give you the constant coverage you require and with our reports and dashboards can give you accurate trending in your environment.

Cyber Security Incidents are on the rise with an average of a successful attack via the internet aimed at businesses every 39 seconds.

The targets aren’t just large enterprises with there being an increase in Small-Medium Size Enterprises being hit with 43% of companies being targeted in 2020.

Our SOC services

Ongoing digital transformation and cloud migration, means more cyber security risks being introduced into your organisation.

At CyberCrowd we are dedicated to giving you a bespoke monitoring service where we will work with you to make sure that your most valuable assets have the coverage they need as well as standing guard at your boundary.

We offer our knowledge in industry specific threats to help define what key indicators of compromise may look like in your network as well as keeping up to date with trending attack campaigns and the signatures they use.

Our team of 24x7x365 analysts are always available to discuss and workshop threat concerns or new methodologies in detecting your biggest worries.


Our SOC team

Our qualified professional team includes




The benefits of investing in external
SOC services

Based on the common challenges for businesses outlined in the previous section, CyberCrowd’s SOC-as-a-service offering provides our partners with the following benefits:

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